These videos are made using Neon v2 and live recorded. There is no post processing and were made for Neon v2 Player, then converted to .mov for easier watch.

EndOf1stPeriod / Xplsv - Presented at IfParty'06

Sound Pressure / Xplsv - Winner at Euskal Encounter 13 demo competition

Codename: Serotonin / Xplsv - 5th at Euskal Encounter 13 demo competition

BCNGig Demo / Xplsv - One of our latests VJ tests with Neon v2. In that one we mainly experiment with multisynch point in videos and snapping those points in the beats. Music: Ellen Allien - Come.

Xplsv VJ Reel'06 / Xplsv - A very fast made VJ reel using some of our latest FX. Music by Marc O'Tool.

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