Download Neon v2.5 Alpha Test

Read news on main page for downloading and installation.

While/before/after installing... (also called RTFM)

If you feel confused, there is a help file at C:\Neon v2\help.chm. Check it because it will save both you and me some time.
If you want to export 3Dscenes from 3DSMAX, you can use this plugin: C:\Neon v2\N2MaxTool7.dlu


Neon v2 is only available for Windows and should work on almost every modern computer with 3D hardware acceleration and DirectX 9 installed. A pixel shader 2.0 card is recommended if you want the nicest filters.


If you agree to the License,
you're free to download Neon v2 Beta

Freeframe Filter Pack

You can download a Freeframe pack for Neon v2 made by Syfenx from here. Thanks to him!

- Some minor bugs/improvements, more stable, AVI video player is better.
- Feature: Syfenx improved the Freeframe utility and it can also automate layouts for easier import. With this tool, you can now auto create NLY files for each kind of FX class. Thanks to him!
- Feature: When stop recording, a demo.xml file will be automatically created with current MP3 file, time and resolution options.
- Fix: 3DSMax exporter now export keys correctly.
- Fix: Fixed FXMpgVideo class, on was broken.
- Some minor bugs/improvements.
- Fix: Fixed crash while using FilterShader filters.
- Feature: New FXMpgVideo effect class, a FFMpeg based player. It supports MPEG files and is more accurate sync than FXVideo (DirectShow version). Thanks to Jak / 3p for helping!
- Improvement: FilterShader uses non transformed vertices so it can use the VS function on the FX, with up to 4 UV coordinates.
- Improvement: FilterShader gets the techniques from the FX file and adds a ComboBox for selecting it.
- Feature: New FilterShader Polar.fx (based on VVVV PolarCoordinates.fx by mtallen).
- Feature: New FilterShader Levels.fx (based on VVVV Levels.fx by mtallen).
- Feature: New FilterShader Halftone.fx (based on VVVV Halftone.fx by sanch and gregsn).
- Feature: New FilterShader Distort, with horizontal and vertical distort.
- Fix: VJPlayer is working again, was broken.
- Feature: Output window is now resizeable, from 320x240 up to 1024x768.
- Feature: New FXFilterFreeframe filter class, a freeframe wrapper so you all freeframe addicts can use your preferred filters. It's a bit slow but can't be faster because all this filters work over software surfaces and neon works always on hardware, so it has to download the surface to memory, process and upload it again. I've added a resolution specifier, so you can choose the best resolution for your CPU/GPU. Anyway, I'll try to port some filters to hardware, since it's preferrable to use the GPU for this.
- Feature: New FXVideo effect class, a DirectShow based video player. It supports AVI,WMV and MPG, and it's a little faster than FXAviVideo, but still a little buggy. Use this when don't want perfect speed/syncro, otherwise use the FXAviVideo player.
- Feature: A little bar and time label shows the current FX playback position.
- Redesign: Commands are gone. They have been proved to be not much useful, and its better to have only linked vars that do the same. Having multiple links is on the way.
- Fix: FXFlash player is more polished. It's faster than before, and also shows all screen dimensions correctly.
- Fix: Fixed sound volume bug when using internal music player.
- Feature: New FilterDLL class filter. It will load a compiled Neon v2 filter DLL file, allowing any coder to create new filters without limiting to HLSL. Example and base project included for Visual C++ 6.
- Feature: Crop variables for FXAviVideo
- Fix: Monitor selection fixed, somehow it stopped working. Just set as the first argument of VJ.exe the number of the monitor you want the output work.
- Fix: No more crash when the internal music player reaches the end of the song.
- Fix: Added some internal test for safe creation and bug reporting if it doesn't start.
- Fix: Now a log.txt is created for bug reporting in case Neon v2 crashes.
- Fix: Now recording clears correctly the FX grid and asks for it first.

(c) 2006 Jordi Ros