[01.08.08] Sources released

Before the project went into a dead point I've decided to release the sources of it. You can find'em here.

Feel free to download (with ie. TortoiseSVN), modify, compile and, well... have fun!

If you make new features for it, contact me and we'll include it on the repository, if the updating gets active we could then manage new users with write-access for the SVN.

[11.06.07] Neon v2.5 - Alpha Test 1

Hi. I've this version on my HD for some weeks, but can't find time to finish what's missing yet. This version is for users who already know Neon v2 and want to try the new features.
Installation: Unrar the file to a directory you like, and then copy your old Effects folder to this new place. Also copy the contents of the Layouts folder inside the Effects folder, so they will be inside the same place. I think this is a nicer way to keep FX ordered.
As I say there are some things not working yet (new FX and save FX, MIDI), but maybe this version will be useful for somebody.
Hope more to come soon.

Download Neon v2.5 Alpha Test

*Updated!!* Yesterday pack was wrong...

Minor update -

Some bugs fixed and some improvements aswell. This will be probably the last release until the next big change. It seems I still don't have time but managed to code a little every day (1 hour at max) to keep the new GUI on the way.

Another minor update -

Some bugs fixed, mainly the FXMpgVideo class not loading. Also a nice standalone application made by Syfenx for NLY and NFL creation. Still not much more time for coding... I think I'm not much inspirated/motivated lately.

Minor update -

There was an annoying bug caused by last version (techniques in FilterShader) that caused Neon to crash constantly. No more changes yet...

Bored people...

Well, seems there will be always bored people trying to hack/crack what you do. As this was my first and only PHP attempt, they had benefit from that to access all server... many many thanks to Trace and Sole for fixing it! :(
You can get more info here.
I'll have to stay coding standard applications... fucking soauker

New Version -

VJPlayer.exe is working again, new PS2.0 based filters, new improvements. Enjoy!

New VJ Reel

I've made a fast VJ reel using some of our latest FX. You can download it here.

New Version -

Major changes:
Freeframe support.
Output window scalable from 320x240 up to 1024x768. And yes, it still plays smooth :)
MPG,WMV video player.

New Version -

I have uploaded a new version with some bug fixes and a new feature. Check the changes on the download section. Enjoy!

Neon v2 Beta Release

Finally Neon v2 is going public! We have been using this application during 1 year and it's time to let more people have fun with it.
It's still a beta release and needs fixes on some areas, although we think is clean enough for anybody.

Please report any bugs or questions on the forum! Have a nice time using Neon v2!! :)

(c) 2006 Jordi Ros